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MMA medical was founded by Mr. Masoud Mahdiar (Bio medical engineer).
we are since more than 20 Years a wholesale company with our focus on buying and selling used and new medical, dental and laboratory equipment.


When considering a new diagnostic imaging system project, whether it is building a new facility, remodeling a facility or updating a system - there are many factors to consider. 
We can provide as little or as much support as you would like to have. Generally diagnostic imaging projects require planning in many areas:
Facility Planning - Room Selection - System Selection - System Bidding - Bid Evaluation - Room/System Design - System Removal - Installation Co-ordination and Management
Our experience makes us uniquely qualified to advise you on issues sometimes over looked like: 
System Facility Access - large system entry, hallway restrictions, doorway
obstructions, ceiling obstruction, etc.
Room Design - power, communications, shielding, system layout, cable
locations/concealment, floor and/or ceiling restrictions, secondary subsystem supports, etc.
System Evaluation - cost/budget, financing, amortization, depreciation,
application, specification, performance, systems interfacing, supplier selection, etc.
Project Implementation - scheduling, contractor co-ordination, systems 
delivery, installation, testing, training,etc.

We have been involved with many projects and we can save time and money thereby allowing your staff to stay focused on their duties and justifying our involvement. In the end, you will probably have realized significant saving by having us working with you to complete the project on time and at budget or less.
We can assist with:

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